Why SSL certificates?

Why SSL certificates? ​Without SSL certificate:Plaintext transmission, just like postcards, everyone can legally read your data easily.
Use SSL credential:Ciphertext transmission, just like putting letters in an envelope and transmitting it, the data is protected by encryption.
  • Basic protection of data

      Each time the data is transmitted, the server downloads a key and encrypts the data.

  • HTTPS encrypted site ranking will be higher

      Google adjusted its search engine algorithm to encourage global websites to use more

      secure HTTPS to ensure the security of users. Security is one of the top priorities.

SSL product category

Single domain domain certificate Single Domain

Multiple domain credentials


(up to 99 protected)

Universal domain credentials Wildcard

Taiwan certificate authority TWCA

Nextlink works closely with TWCA to provide SSL certificates, TWCA is the only company whose main business is “e-certificate” and “network certification”, and passed the Electronic Signature Law through the legal credential center approved by the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It has passed international VISA, MasterCard, E&Y security audits, and WebTrust for CA, WebTrust for EV, ISO 27001 and other security certifications. It also participates in the international CA/Browser Forum to jointly develop important industry specifications such as EV SSL certificates.

Validating mechanism

OV ( Organization Valid )

The review of domain access ownership, legal registration of the company, and related documents required by some vouchers; it will take a relatively long time to issue.

EV ( Extended Valid )

The validating mechanism is as same as the OV type, the browser will display a special pattern in the address bar when it’s clicked on, it would show the company registration related details. It takes the longest time issue, and it is the hardest and relative highest security level in all vouchers.

Server e-Certificate features

Trust mark

When purchasing a certified product, the certificate center will provide a dynamic trust mark to place on purchaser’s domain website. The main purpose is to allow the purchaser’s customer to clearly know that the site already has an encrypted security mechanism when entering the domain site.

Purchase SSL Certificate

Required documents for applying SSL Certificate :


  • Any of business identification documents from the followings; which is stamped with company seal.

  • Business License and Registration

  • Business Tax ID Issuance Notification

  • Registration of Change of Business

※Please download SSL e-Certificate Application Form from Nextlink’s website, print, fill it out, stamped with company seal, and submit the original application form along with a duplicated copy of supporting documents (stamped) to Nextlink.

1. Certificate fees and payment methods

2. List of required supporting documents for e-Certificate application

3. Email notification of application completion.
4. Upload CSR (WEB)
5. Issuing e-certificate

6. Installation and setup


(2)Trust mark

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