Radware’s solutions enable users to gain high-quality security protection when accessing all key web application services.

Radware received ICSA Lab certification and its award-winning solutions ensure the service levels of key business applications while maximizing IT efficiency. 

Cloud WAF

Radware Exclusive Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service – Cloud WAF.
  • Large-scale deployment of Web applications
  • Detect threats, lock down attacks, and get event logs
  • By adopting a scalable intrusion detection and prevention system
  • Capture and monitor all inbound and outbound application layer traffic
  • Online real-time monitoring of traffic composition


  • Simple management, no need to invest a lot of manpower
  • When it comes to new attacks, it takes only 18 seconds to produce a solution
  • Supports passive protection and active protection in a safe mode
  • Automatic configuration function provides customers with intelligent and complete security protection
  • Automatic learning flow composition
  • 1G DDoS attack protection from WAF