Cloud Enablement Services

Nextlink’s Cloud Enablement Services provide professional technical support to plan, build, and assist you in the operation of your migration strategy. Our Cloud Enablement Service includes a preliminary assessment of your infrastructure to determine what cloud-ready and hosted services can be provided to you in order to maintain and monitor your cloud environment 24/7.

With the benefits of the cloud, enterprises are able to stay competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s environments. A successful cloud strategy begins with a complete migration plan, moving all or part of your computing workload to the cloud, to fully evaluate and commercialize your existing IT.

Do you need assistance in Cloud deployment strategy?

Going for cloud can be complicated, and many people find that they do not have the knowledge and expertise they need to start. Nextlink can assist customers through the cloud and use our Cloud Enablement Service to help you develop a comprehensive cloud strategy.

Cloud Enablement Services is right for the followings:

  • Whoever wants Nextlink-managed Cloud Platform, but has not yet planned.

  • Whoever needs to consolidate disparate assets into a centralized management setup

  • Lack of cloud expertise to assess its vision

  • Whoever wants to use a partner rather than a large consulting contract to centralize long-term efforts to establish and operate

  • Willing to benefit from Nextlink’s proprietary, end-to-end cloud enablement process

  • Lack of understanding or visibility of internal systems and applications

  • Lack of cloud engineering expertise to perform migrations and cloud builds

  • Whoever wants an MSP lifecycle management rather than do-it-yourself management

Start with cloud exploration and design assessment

The cloud enablement service provides you with access to Nextlink’s proprietary best practices and expertise, which are professionals who understand both the cloud and traditional IT. You will work with Nextlink professionals to evaluate your existing environment. Unlike “all-in-one” platforms or solutions, your strategic cloud plan is tailored to your business needs. We focus on understanding your current business and technology status so that your needs and proprietary platforms can fit together.

Project: Cloud Exploration and Design

We are at this stage to lay the ground for your strategic cloud deployment and migration plan, and start interviewing and reviewing your environment with key IT personnel. Based on the assessment, Nextlink professionals will discover further into your architecture and infrastructure and provide a customized migration plan.


  • In-depth investigation of existing architecture status, security, and governance status

  • Application Directory and Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment

  • Design migration forecasting and planning

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Build: Cloud Migration and Integration

This phase will use the “project” migration plan and build the environment around you.

  • Perform your application and data migration

  • Solution integration, testing and verification


Operation: Cloud Operations and Optimization

The customer moves to the management service platform.

  • Year-round support, governance, preservation and monitoring

  • Adjustment and optimization

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Consulting Services

Infrastructure that Nextlink experts have invested extensively

Nextlink provides the enterprise IT management environment required by all customers as an extension of IT resources. Nextlink’s professional services provide actual customer support beyond hosting and assist customers in developing strategies for Nextlink’s hosted technology platform.

Services comes from experiences

Nextlink’s professional services come from the core competencies of Nextlink’s management service practices. Customers can leverage experts from all aspects of Nextlink, who specialize in everything from traditional hardware infrastructure to multiple cloud environments.

  • Nextlink Big Data Services

  • Database Administration

  • Network Administration

  • Information security

  • Storage and backup

  • System Administration

  • Virtualization