NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is the most popular cloud ERP system deployed in the world and is currently in use in more than 100 countries and more than 20,000 organizations. For the diversity of modern businesses, the complexity of the business, and the ever-increasing demands, the NetSuite ERP system provides proven, extensive and reliable financial management capabilities. Unlike traditional financial software systems, NetSuite ERP simplifies inter-departmental collaboration by integrating various departments’ services, and provides various types of real-time data and reports so that business managers can make better decisions faster.

NetSuite ERP Built-in e-Commerce Platform

  • Product content

  • View

  • search

  • website analysis

  • Order progress

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management

  • Customer Service and Support

  • Product Management, Procurement

  • Marketing (email, search, search engine optimization)

  • Additional channels (affiliates, eBay, FedEx, etc.)

  •  Business Model (B2C, B2B)

  • Transportation and Delivery

  • Accounting

Cost Advantages

  • Shorten the implementation time length and realize ROI earlier;

  • Only require one or two technician in staff, one staff’s salary will be enough to pay for the software fee;

  • No distractions, hardware, network, database backup and upgrades;

  • The security of cloud software is higher than traditional systems, and enterprises can cut unnecessary costs;

  • In the future, when the system is automatically upgraded globally twice a year, custom programs will not be affected, saving a considerable amount of money.

The total construction cost in five years is about half of the traditional ERP software.

NetSuite SRP 是資源專案管理 ERP

SRP: Service Resource Plan

NetSuite Cloud Development Tools Platform SuiteCloud

  • Graphical customization

  • Workflow management

  • Web services

  • Open scripting

  • Analytics

  • Lifecycle management

NetSuite Advantages

Present and Future
  • NetSuite ERP Built-in CRM

  • Supports multiple languages, multiple currencies, consolidated statements, and tax reports

  • Enterprises can customize their own process requirements and integrate other systems flexibly

  • The system exports safety audit report (SAS 70 Type II) at any time to be certified by the CPA

  • The twice-a-year automatic software upgrade will not affect the business operation and custom programs

  • 24-hour online support, service all-weather

  • NetSuite supports the operations of large companies and is more applicable to new startups and SMEs