Nextlink Service Advantages

Nextlink has many years of technical experience. We specialize in customized video streaming services.Since Nextlink launched the MLB MLS exclusive network broadcast in 2008, and provided LIVE HD for the first content provider in Taiwan, Nextlink began to provide integrated networks, bandwidth, servers, and applications. Since 2014, it has actively built cloud audio and video services to support the video workflows of global media and entertainment products.

You can customize and create wireless TVs and multi-screen videos through solutions and make money globally.

By creating competitive advantages through content, attracting users' attention, and using our services, you can quickly and easily expand and optimize video operations in a cost-effective manner.

AWS Elemental Media Services

AWS Elemental Media Services allows you to perform video processing and delivery workflows in a fast, easy and cost-effective manner >> (AWS official website) >> (AWS official website)

Convert capital expenditure into operating expenses

To transfer IT infrastructure investment from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operating expenditure (OPEX), media companies are moving to the AWS cloud to be able to spend more time and redistribute resources to the core business of content creation and customer experience.

Expands elastically for peak demand

The demand for content is difficult to predict. Therefore, it is difficult to properly adjust the scale of the infrastructure. AWS Elemental Media Services allows you to seamlessly scale your infrastructure to meet peak demand, without investing in idle capacity.

Experiment with lower financial risks ​

Only quickly expand new development and testing environments when needed, and then introduce new products without investing too much capacity to avoid overspending on new projects and services.