IoT Product Development Services

IoT product integration and development:

  • Protocol integration: Wifi, Bluetooth (BLE) 4.0, MQTT, Bonjour

  • User and device management system development

  • OTA firmware update system development

  • iOS, Android App development

  • LINE, Facebook messenger IoT integrated application development

Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions Amazon Alexa product development

  • ​​Communication Protocol Integration: MQTT

  • Amazon Echo Product Integration Development

    • Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integrated Development: Add Alexa to your

  • ​Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Development: Let your IoT device or cloud service

    • ​Alexa Skill

    • Alexa Smart Home Skill

    • Alexa Custom Skill (Lambda Function)

Amazon Alexa Software Development Services

Amazon Alexa Software Development Services

Artificial intelligence technology is the ability of a machine to have a human part that can be used to assist or replace a specific job that humans originally had. Artificial intelligence technology is particularly focused on helping machines with three capabilities: Sensation, Comprehension, and Projection.

HomeKit software development services


  • Compliance with Apple MFi specification standards

  • Visual and user experience design

  • Customized HomeKit App development (required for review)

  • App Store shelves

  • Available to Apple HomeKit accessories store

  • OTA firmware update service construction (required for review)

  • Server infrastructure

  • Deliver source code

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Provide cloud solutions

  • Android App cross-platform control development

  • HomeKit controlled device type quantity

Big data analysis

Big data often refers to the processing of fast, large, and complex data sources and is an important practical application in the field of data science. By collecting data on the variables that affect the variables, the development algorithm gradually analyzes and extracts valuable information from the data, and even predicts the future.

  • Interpretation of the problem

  • data collection

  • data analysis

  • Model establishment

  • Data visualization

Nextlink IoT Platform “Shared Responsibility Model”

( Shared Responsibility Model )

What Can We Do for You?

HomeKit Customized App Development

We provide HomeKit App's interactive design, interface design, and iOS program development for you and your customers' needs. In addition, the OTA firmware update server and cloud system architecture required for the Apple HomeKit review process are all within our scope of service.

Professional Consulting Services

In addition to HomeKit's smart home application, we are already familiar with the development of intelligent products such as Healthcare IoT products, Amazon Alexa, and Messenger-based smart products.

HomeKit Smart Product Development

We support you from product evaluation, prototype development, to integrated development of App/hardware/firmware and cloud, and send the product to the Apple official for round-trip review to the approval of any one or more stages in the entire process.

Big Data Analysis & Smart Computing

We provide a data analysis platform that allows you to keep track of the after-sales product usage, and to predict product sales or market trends through customer usage analysis reports. At the same time, we also provide Android / iOS concatenation services, so that products can be used across devices, devices can understand each other and communicate with each other, so that IoT products are not just remote control.