How to choose the cloud service provider that is right for your business


The adoption of cloud services by business users through proof-of-concept, development, test environments, and small-scale projects is gaining momentum. Cloud platform providers and hosting operators have also been able to assist customers to further understand how to optimize their cloud knowledge and deploy applications. With the increase in the number of enterprise users using cloud computing, how to find and select the right cloud hosting service provider is increasingly important.

While the AWS Cloud Service Platform continues to provide users with updated, improved and more innovative services and technologies, the challenge remains of how companies can effectively use the benefits of AWS services, or move existing data and applications to the AWS platform. Since the migration of corporate data or applications to the cloud requires a variety of expertise, especially concerning knowledge of the cloud environment and how to use various optimization tools. This is also the value a cloud service hosting providers.

The number of products and services in the AWS cloud service platform continues to grow. We have summarized several necessary indicators through our past experience in hosting services: So why is Nextlink the right choice?

1. Our case numbers are a reflection of our best practices

Cloud service providers who can accumulate the number of cases needed to rise to become an AWS Premier Partner must be able to demonstrate the best practices that continuously maximize benefits for customers. For Nextlink, our experience in helping clients on their cloud journey involves cases are not only diverse but cross-industry.

2. We understand different industries have different needs

With our reach and experience, Nextlink has become well-versed and familiar with the unique requirements of diverse industries such as e-commerce, retail, gaming, media, entertainment and manufacturing, as well as banking and financial services.

3. We provide continuous integration and continuous deployment capabilities

While most enterprises use several core services such as virtual machines or databases when migrating to the cloud, additional AWS cloud platform services (such as Lambda, RDS, Redshift, and IoT platforms) can be integrated into existing applications to add value. In the case of application development and integration, architectural planning and service selection are important, but it is even more important to be able to assist the enterprise R&D team in integrating the development process into the AWS platform through DevOps processes. Nextlink’s capability for continuous integration and continuous deployment is our core competency as a next-generation cloud managed service provider.

4. We can help support automation models through DevOps

Processes such as development & testing, and deployment for workflows, container management, and configuration management can all be automated through AWS DevOps practices. AWS platform-related services can also provide a more complete automation model through services such as CloudFormation and AWS Config. Nextlink’s expertise and experience when it comes to AWS DevOps tools and practices help customers quickly deliver applications and services, while improving products at a faster pace.

5. We can help you go global

Under the AWS Cloud Service Platform, enterprises can access applications and services locally and provide them to users worldwide through data centers located in different geographic regions. Nextlink has a strong understanding of the tools utilized on the AWS platform to help corporate customers implement global business deployments.

Summarizing the above five indicators, Nextlink is the AWS Cloud Hosting Service Provider that has experience in cross-industry multiple cases, provided applications and solutions for different industry clients under different scenarios, and assisted enterprises in achieving continuous integration and automated deployment through DevOps processes, that enhance the implementation of the effectiveness and stability of the service. We have also utilized the tools on the AWS platform to help corporate customers implement their globalization goals. Through Nextlink’s hosting services, enterprises are able to solve the problem of infrastructure maintenance and focus on the development of core business and on the practice of innovation.