IPv6 is READY!

  • Use a smaller routing table to increase the speed at which routers forward packets

  • Support Multicast and Flow Control

  • Higher security, encryption of network layer data and verification of packets

  • Nextlink Technical Support 6 to 4 with Dual Agreement Mechanism

Smart IDC Advantages

8 Hours Rapid Hosting Setup
Allows you to focus on the development of critical business

Professional and efficient
network management team

Provide stable and safe service quality
Flexible customization service
Allows you to focus on the development of critical business


Safe and stable machines and network lines
Nextlink mainframes are stored in international telecommunication buildings. IDC room air-conditioning temperature: 24±1°C Humidity in the room: 30%~70%. It is designed based on the principle of hot and cold channels in the equipment room. The 24-hour dual backup air conditioning system provides an all-weather constant temperature operating environment. N+1 Continuous Power System and Generator System. This can prevent the power company from suddenly shutting off the power and causing the host to stop and cause the website service to be interrupted. In addition, the line bandwidth used by the telecommunication room is also composed of several special-purpose optical fibers of different entrances and exits, and is not a general-purpose fiber to the company’s dedicated line. Degree and speed are absolutely guaranteed.
  • Taipower dual-feed power supply, machine reliability at 99.99%
  • Multi-loop backup network provides the smoothest and most widely used bandwidth resources
  • High-density electrical equipment hosting services provide customers with flexible options
  • Adjacent to the cable exit, international routes have the shortest path advantage
  • Flexibility to provide customized services to meet the diverse needs of enterprises

Private Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Services to Meet Your Special Needs
Customized and dedicated hardware resources, high performance and high-security requirements allow you to balance costs and performance. We will provide you with the network, hardware, operating system, update, monitoring, and backup. So that you can focus on the business.
Nextlink cloud private host are high quality host
Nextlink will always use the high-quality HP/DELL/IBM international branded server, and it will never use a general computer. Every host of Nextlink has undergone rigorous testing, and its stability and compatibility are better than that of a non-branded or an assembled host server.
  • Arbitrary server specifications and unmatched server performance to meet your specific needs.
  • Additional hardware firewalls, load balancing services, and backups enhance security.
  • 24x7x365 active TCP/IP monitoring service and 24/7 technical support team.
  • Hosting web applications and proactive update kits.
  • Our industry-leading hosted SLA (Service Level Agreement) includes up to 99.99% of network availability.


Cost cut
Real-time maintenance
Instant delivery
Private host server

Private Host Applies to

High traffic

High traffic, high visitor volume sites

Use high-resource programs

Such as large forums, chat rooms, etc.

Web Design Company

Web design company or studio

Large enterprise

Enterprise that has ample funding, high demand for corporate image, and is unwilling to share bandwidth or CPU resources with shared hosts.