What is "Chat Commerce" ?

Use a familiar chat interface in a conversational environment to allow business to interact with consumers in both directions. From propaganda, transactions, and services, conversational business makes business activities more natural and ubiquitous.

Quoted from LINE official statement

Chat Environment + Data Utilization

The biggest advantage of using LINE to push marketing information is to be able to reach more than 18 million users in the entire Taiwan. With the CRM module developed by Nextlink, it will be able to deliver exclusive messages according to customer preferences to replace traditional SMS, Email, and APP functions, significantly reducing advertising cost.
Whether it is online-to-offline purchase in store, or using LINE’s one-click purchase function, grasp every potential customer, shorten the waiting time of the customer, and increase the speed of the transaction.
Increase customer satisfaction, automate all types of service appointments, and 24-hour smart customer service to easily grasp customer dynamics and important indicator data.
Use the most sturdy robotic services, unlike the real-time interaction, to make the conversation experience more fun! Doing valuable customer relationship management, providing customized content to increase brand favorability, and at the same time improve customer adherence.

LINE Messaging API

The LINE Messaging API provides Push and Reply APIs. The Push API refers to the API that the LINE robot can send messages to users at any point of time. The Reply API is the API that the robot responds to messages sent from LINE users.
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For Who ?

只要你想要使用 LINE@ 掌握行動行銷商機,並經營顧客關係,無論是店家或企業,都很適合使用。

Business owners

In combination with the existing LINE@ function, streamlined daily work processes through chatbots can reduce manpower and automate responses.

Store Manager

Accurately lock in customers and send messages to specific consumer groups to effectively increase business performance.

Store owner

How to make full use of LINE@ as a corporate CRM system to effectively manage customer lists and analyze data.

List of Services

List of Services

* This service requires the opening of the LINE messaging API function (relevant regulations) for a prepayment of 12 months, with another LINE@ account transfer
* △ represents the addition of the module, with the additional cost
* Focused push includes on-the-fly computing, transmission, analysis, monitoring and storage of equivalent energy processing. If there are additional messages for the month, the demand could be purchased as extra.
* Provide customized development requirements, and provide quotation after the evaluation.
* LINE@ promotion plan is based on official website information

Rich Message Types

Unlike the single message type of LINE@, Nextlink offers a more diversified messaging application that makes the conversation experience more fun!