Company Profile

Le Blé d’Or was founded in 2004, it is the first private beer company in Taiwan. They introduced micro brewing technology from Europe to Taiwan. By far, they have already won lots of customers’ loyalty. The company won its international recognition by getting rewarded at the Japan International Beer Competition in 2009. Le Blé d’Or’s main managing philosophy is to introduce the refined beer culture into Chinese societies. In addition to the overall operational stability, the profit situation has increased year by year, which become one of the blue chip manufacturers in Taiwan. To date, there are 11 restaurants in Taiwan, and the company also operates China’s brewpub in Suzhou and Shanghai Jing’an.

The Challenge

When Le Blé d’Or was planning to erect the site as early as ten years ago, they hoped to find a cost-effective and flexible solution. They wanted the official website not only to promote the brand, but also provide reservation service. At that time, dedicated reservation system was not common, and the traditional way was using the local host server for infrastructure. However, due to different demand and usage for different stores and activities, the cost of local host is changing yet lack of flexibility.​

Ten years ago, cloud services had just started. Le Blé d’Or had the foresight to choose the AWS. With the stability and flexibility of AWS services, Le Blé d’Or don’t need to pay for upfront-fee to deploy their IT services on AWS. The original website stored all the reservation and membership information in the same location, as long as the data was imputed too much in one-time, the system would temporarily shut down.

The Solution

The Le Blé d’Or’s official website is using Amazon RDS for their database. They deploy their front-end and backend system in the same location, and leverage Amazon S3 for images storage.

The restoring of system is fast, so it will not affect the original database. In the future, they plan to intergrate their systems such as APP, CRM, ERP through API services. In addition, Le Blé d’Or used the Amazon CloudWatch to immediately control resources, monitor the system, and maintain the application; with Amazon CloudTrail which can record API in monitoring the process, time, status, to response information and tracking changes of system. According to different needs, Le Blé d’Or is expected to use the services to deploy separately on the AWS, to significantly reduce operating costs. Le Blé d’Or also hopes to leverage Amazon CloudFront and AWS Remote Backup services to fullfill low latency, high efficiency, reducing operational risk and make the ultimate goal of globalization come true.

The Benefits

  1. Reduce 30% -40% hardware, business, backup, personnel and other multiple costs.

  2. Upgrade system efficiency, easily enhance and build the demand host.

  3. Effectively reduce the 99.9% operational risk of disconnection and eliminate the problem immediately.

AWS Services

Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch

AWS Application Architecture

The high stability and efficiency of AWS,

Help Le Blé d'Or create the best user experience website.

  • No pre-cost, it can quickly build the host according to the activities or stores’ need.

  • Use AWS IAM for developer to manage.

  • Increased data processing workload with highly available and reliable Amazon RDS.

  • Using Amazon S3’s scalability to meet the needs of a large number of pictures on the web

  • Track and monitor the status of the reservation system with Amazon CloudWatch

  • Keep track of unusual changes through the Amazon CloudTrail APIs

  • AWS is prospective and can inspire client’s team member to have innovative thinking.

The diverse cloud solutions provided by Nextlink,

enable Le Blé d'Or to focus on their core business.

  • Effective saving of human resources.

  • Professional structure management and maintenance, providing 7×24 monitoring services.

  • Immediate troubleshooting, exclusive notification service.