As their mobile platform went online, concurrent users grew exponentially. 

The online traffic rocketed up instantaneously during the ad-campaign period and dropped back to normal afterwards. 

Once the longer latency appeared, their company would lose their customers obviously, 

and that’s the challenge they’re facing and should be solved immediately.


Nextlink helps them to migrate their servers from on premise to the cloud, 

and use global content delivery network service (CDN) to reduce the latency of distributing videos and pictures.


Crazy MiKe no longer needs multiple engineers to ensure the stability of the system. Instead, they only need one person to maintain the operation and collaborate with their single contact window – Nextlink. Without manually notice and operation, AWS will scale the capacity up and down automatically according to the real needs. Besides, AWS can cache the item information on different edges, which can not only serve the global users of Crazy MiKE, but also disperse the online traffic and enhance website stability.

Product / Services

EC2, Auto Scaling, ElastiCache, CloudFront, 搭配 Route53

Application architecture