Next Generation AWS Cloud Managed Hosting Services

Nextlink Technology (hereafter referred to as Nextlink) is the first AWS Managed Services Partner (MSP) in Taiwan to undergo AWS strict third-party audit certification, with cloud infrastructure and application development and migration ability to provide customers with active monitoring and alerting services, as well as partial or full management of various internal business applications (such as: web server, database server, or file server, etc.). The certification of AWS managed services is a comprehensive and rigorous program, with more than 80 audit items and fair third-party audit certification, which reflects the full capabilities of managed service partners.


The word “Cloud” began in 2010. At that time, a group of users had started using the Elastic Compute Cloud (hereafter EC2) such as Amazon Web Services (hereafter referred to as AWS), or cloud services such as Google Gmail. By 2017, most IT industry personnel were already familiar with cloud platforms. Before understanding the concepts of cloud platforms and next-generation hosting services, let’s return to 2010 to learn more about mainstream technologies and status in the IT field at that time.

In 2010, IT is undergoing a phase of technology transfer. VMware, which is headquartered in California, is looking to provide virtualization platforms, technologies, and services for enterprise customers worldwide. Host virtualization is the mainstream of this time. In this wave of virtualization, enterprises enjoy potential advantages. For example, a host with more computing power can create virtual hosts operating on this host through virtualization technology. Enterprises need only one physical server in Taiwan to meet its needs, and the cost of construction and maintenance is greatly reduced due to virtualization technology.


Back in 2017, the virtualization platform still required enterprise users to purchase multiple physical servers and set up and manage these servers on their own. Some companies also chose IDC operators to rent equipment room and equipment to place and manage these physical servers and devices. Companies need to invest a large amount of funds in advance to build a computer room, data center, procurement host, and hire a professional team to manage the maintenance of physical machines. These costs are usually huge investments ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions.


AWS’s EC2 and Simple Storage Service (S3) provide virtualized server and storage space for enterprise users, helping enterprises to avoid the cost of multiple reconstruction costs such as purchasing various types of equipment, space, and managing servers. However, the AWS platform provides more than dozens of new features and services each year. Faced with rapid functional updates, enterprise users are now working with professional cloud service teams. Professional teams are responsible for the operation and management of AWS cloud platforms, and cloud platforms. Professional cloud managed services are born since.

What are “Next Generation Managed Hosting Services”?

We can learn from the following aspects:

1. Optimization of operations

  • Assist enterprise users in daily AWS infrastructure management operations

  • Compliance with IT Infrastructure Library ITIL guidelines

  • Record event and event response mechanisms for infrastructure and application systems

  • Provide tools such as monitoring, automation, and autonomous services

  • Nextlink helps business users with managing AWS Managed Services

2. Information Security

  • Standardized deployment operations and technical support services

  • Compliance with the system architecture recommended by best practices in the AWS architecture

  • Meet enterprise internal information security policies

3. Technical support

  • Highly automated hosting operations

  • Integrated process of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  • View infrastructure as codes

The above three are the core spirits of managed hosting services; to provide optimized service for operations according to the ITIL guidelines, a number of international information security certifications, and highly automated system and code management operations.


Le Blé d’Or is a benchmark customer of Nextlink managed hosting services. Through its professional team, Nextlink assists in the management and maintenance for Le Blé d’Or in web hosting, monitoring, security protection, and data analysis. Effectively reduced their operation costs by approximately 30% to 40%, and maintain a SLA of 99.9% for various work projects, fully enjoying the advantages of managed hosting service providers who offers one-stop services.


Through the AWS platform, Nextlink helps companies reduce the cost of the cloud platform operations, allowing companies to focus on the core of their business. Supported by Nextlink’s professional mananged hosting services, enterprises are able to establish optimized operational management plans, to conform to internationally standardized information security and automation mechanisms, to minimize the error rate of human operations, and at the same time to maximize automation capabilities. Through adequate managed hosting services, enterprises are able to utilize IT to provide the necessary resources at any time as the company changes, and at the same time to maintain costs at affordable level, to meet the international normative information security requirements, that is, the greatest value that a next-generation hosting managed services providers can offer.