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Designed to make your product smart. As an OEM and a manufacturer brand, you may have the need for smart technologies. Are you looking to make your products more secure, more effective, or more suitable for your users? Nextlink provides AWS cloud connection services to make your smart development process faster and easier and strive for more global business opportunities.

Connect your product to the Alexa Voice Service.

Development Services, you can equip your product with interactive features such as Alexa Smart Voice, making it easier for users to use and love your product.

Our Servicesere

Nextlink provides design, development, testing, and third-party support services. Nextlink has a lot of experience in the cloud development field, and has developed applications concerning the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to integrate all of the company’s development and construction businesses.

We can assist you in connecting the device to the cloud. The development process will be simpler and faster. The service content includes:

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Development

We can help you integrate Alexa speech recognition and artificial intelligence capabilities into your own system software, establish connections with Amazon Voice Services (AVS), and handle all Alexa interactions. Your product will be integrated with the core Alexa features such as the AVS API speech recognition and composition, as well as thousands of other features such as streaming media, timing, reminders, notifications, and weather forecasting.


Big Data Analysis & Smart Computing

We provide a data analysis platform that allows you to keep track of product usage after the sale and predict product sales or market trends through the customer usage analysis reports. At the same time, we also provide Android / iOS connection services, so that products can be used across various platforms and devices for users to understand and communicate with each other, so that the product is no longer just a remote control.


Homekit Customized APP Development

We provide the interactive design, interface design, and iOS program development features via the HomeKit App to serve you and your customers' needs. In addition, the OTA firmware update server and the cloud system architecture required during the Apple HomeKit review process are all within the scope of our services.


Homekit Smart Product Development

We will support you with regards to product evaluation, prototyping, and integrated development of App/hardware/firmware and the cloud. You may send the product to the Apple’s office for official inspection, to review any one or more stages of the entire process.

Reasons for Choosing Nextlink

  • We provide professional consulting services that can assist you in connecting the device to the cloud and make the development process simpler and faster.
  • In addition, we are familiar with the development of intelligent products such as Healthcare IoT products and Messenger-based smart products.
  • We can customize project evaluations and solutions based on your needs.