Why would you use ParkMyCloud?


Public cloud services are usually set as “Always On”, unless you specifically set up otherwise, and you will still have to pay the fee even if you do not use the service. For example: from 7 pm to 7 am off-peak period, or on weekends. In addition, the startup and shutdown of cloud services is always complex and there are too many types of services to use. It is difficult to see schedules at a glance and there is no simple way for users to manage them.

What is ParkMyCloud?

ParkMyCloud is an automation scheduling service for cloud services. ParkMyCloud is an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use platform that solves the complex turn-based scheduling problems of cloud service resources. With the auto-scheduling feature, you only pay whenever you use it, you can reduce your budget by at least 20%, simplify the management scheduling, and make your DevOps process more integrated.

ParkMyCloud Features

Linked to your AWS account to detect all hosts automatically

Set at different schedules for different hosts, automatic switch

Save more than 20% monthly cost

ParkMyCloud Functions


Automation Scheduling

According to your needs, set up customized scheduling for different hosts and set up an automatic shutdown mechanism for your host.


Easily Schedule Setup

With a friendly interface, you can click on your mouse to set your preferred schedule within a short time, depending on the time zone.


Cost Calculation

Based on the schedule you set, monthly estimated savings are automatically calculated.

Global enterprises that have deployed ParkMyCloud