Nextlink was invited to T-tech having a speech about ways of DDoS protection in the IoT era. With the continuous evolution of technology, the methods of hacking attacks have become more and more variable. Meanwhile, enterprises have more requirements for security protection than in the past. DDoS is now a common security attack method, and it is still the main threat of all. In the era of cloud and IoT, all devices connected to the Internet may be abducted by hackers, become a zombie army, and be used to attack any online service. We Nextlink are glad to be invited and share the information with practical experts, understand more and learn how to defend against DDoS in the cloud era.

Our manager of solution team Albert mentioned:” The security and compliance services on AWS are not just a single service to solve all security issues, but to solve the loopholes in the IT environment through a series of different security-related services.” AWS Shield is enabled by default on AWS to help customers protect their environment against DDoS attacks on the third and fourth layers of the network. If users want advanced DDoS protection, they can choose to enable AWS Shield Advanced.

Albert continued: “At the beginning of the design of the cloud architecture, security protection should be considered. Architects should consider reducing the attack surface of the architecture, continuing to expand the plan, understanding and dividing normal and abnormal traffic. Deploy firewalls for complex applications.

After the event, there are many participants communicated with our staff. We found out that the reason why most of the companies haven’t adopted the cloud is because of doubts about cloud security. After the speech, many of the participants said that they are more familiar with AWS and cloud information security. They may take it into consideration of using the cloud as the underlying infrastructure for operating services in the future.

It is our honor to be invited to T-tech as a speaker, and we hope it brings more understanding of the cloud for all participants. We are always willing to help and if you have any needs of the cloud, please feel free to contact us!

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