On April 30th, AmigoCDN CEO Cougar Huang spoke at a lecture series hosted in Taipei on the top “IT Networking and Evolution”. Huang discussed the first Taiwanese self-developed SD-WAN. SD-WAN is a popular and well-known technology in the IT networking field. The second topic Huang spoke about was Google Cloud CDN technology practice and development. Huang spoke about Amigo CDN is using Google Cloud CDN to improve the speed experience of the network.

Huang currently serves as AVP of Microfusion Technology and Nextlink Technology. He previously was the technical director of the Gamebase website and a director of Sanli TV. He is intimately familiar with cloud services such as Google and AWS and during his career, he has developed professional skills in software development, project management, digital marketing, among others. Huang has obtained multiple certifications for three different cloud services, including PROFESSIONAL DATA ENGINEER, PROFESSIONAL CLOUD ARCHITECT, AWS Certified Developer – Associate, Microsoft Certified Application Developer. His current professional focus is leading his team to develop the Amigo CDN service, making it easier for users to connect websites to CDN services in an easier way.