Microfusion Technology, a Taiwan-based cloud consulting firm and ISV, has announced that its AmigoCDN content delivery network (CDN) is now available worldwide.

AmigoCDN is a built around the Google Cloud CDN engine, but a key feature is that customers do not need to be GCP customers to access the platform or be tied to other GCP services such as storage. AmigoCDN supports multiple original data sources, including public cloud, IDC, or a customer’s on-premises servers.

For example, a customer can specify using an Amazon S3 bucket, Google Cloud Storage or a MediaStore container for storage. The multiple original data sources supported include an Amazon EC2 instance, Google Compute Engine or a customer’s own HTTP web server.

This means that customers worldwide can leverage the speed and security provided by Google’s self-owned global high-speed network no matter which cloud platform they choose to use.

Amigo CDN has more than 90 edge points of presence (POP) worldwide to cache content and accelerate delivery. AmigoCDN also supports Anycast, so customers can serve all their content from a single IP address.

A CDN is a globally distributed set of servers (called nodes) that caches Internet content and enables developers, content providers, and enterprises to deliver low-latency, high-speed data transmissions worldwide. Utilizing a CDN, the smallest e-commerce firm can have a global presence, developers can provide low-latency software downloads worldwide and media providers can deliver video content that is effectively diverted among global nodes for efficient delivery to customers anywhere in the world.

According to Wise Guy Research Consultants, the global content delivery network market is projected to reach USD 34 billion by the end of 2022, growing at a CAGR of 26% from 2017-2023.

About Microfusion Technology: Microfusion Technology is a member of the Nextlink Group, which is 70% owned by FarEastone Telecommunications and includes Microfusion, a cloud consultant for Google (Google Cloud Platform and Gsuite), Microsoft (Azure and O365) and Alibaba Cloud services; and Nextlink Technology, an APN Premier Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS).