2018/11/22 – On November 21, Nextlink Technology HK hosted a Cantonese-language webinar where we introduced the feature set of SageMaker and showed how the Amazon SageMaker platform is enabling developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models.

Although many companies are interested in tapping into the potential of machine learning, building a model to solve most business challenge can be quite complex. You have to manage large amounts of data for model training, choose the best algorithm, manage the compute capacity to train the model, and then deploy the model into a production environment. 

Amazon SageMaker removes these complexities, making it easy to build ML models by providing everything you need to quickly connect to your training data and select the best algorithm and framework for your application, while managing all of the underlying infrastructure, so you can train models at petabyte scale.

The webinar can be viewed on YouTube here.

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