2019/01/25 – Nextlink can help you get started with gaming so that you can build, deploy, and scale cross-platform gaming backends with functionality like content delivery, push notifications, and leaderboards.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides benefits for all types of gaming workloads, including PC/console single and multiplayer games as well as mobile-based, social-based, and web-based games. Running PC/console multiplayer game servers in the AWS Cloud is particularly illustrative of the success and cost reduction that you can achieve with the cloud model over traditional on-premise data centers or colocations.

Here are 4 ways Nextlink and AWS backend services can help optimize your game hosting experience

  1. Host game servers worldwide
    AWS global infrastructure ensures a seamless, low latency gaming experience — server capacity and data centers available for players to connect to your game, from anywhere in the world.

  2. Scale your game servers
    By pairing Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, maintain high availability and dynamically scale your server capacity up or down with changing player demand.

  3. Authentication
    Securely and efficiently authenticate client requests to your server. Identify player requests to join games without long wait times, and connect multiple gaming device directory requests to your server with ease.

  4. Stateless game servers
    Run your build without thinking about servers for games that don’t require lightning fast latency. AWS Lambda takes care of everything required to run and scale your game with high availability.

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